Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playing With String

Had a go at dying some more floss today. As I was unfurling the length of Ecru DMC I felt a tug at the end of the long strand on the floor. To my surprise it was Alix playing with the string! Alix hasn't been interested in her toys or playing at all in several months. I was so shocked and surprised to see her run and jump on the thread over and over again as I pulled it across the floor. What a nice start to an overall nice day. The weather was a bit cooler so I put on the old sweatshirt and sweat pants to do the dying today....and also some rubber gloves. It was a much cleaner affair and I am quite pleased with the results. I even got "professional" and put the floss on to little cards and gave each a name. From left to right: Faded Glory, Wisteria, Bonfire, Japan, Havana Brown, Poison Oak, Marinated Olives. My apologizes to any overdyed floss manufacturers if I have stolen some names. I just picked whatever came to mind when I looked at that floss.
Here are two patriotic stitches. Barbara has got me hooked on the patriotic theme. I think they will be finished in the star shape (that will take some skill and luck!!) to be used a scissor fobs.
Maybe I can get another hour outside this evening before the sun goes down...........


  1. Great job on the floss! The names you chose are wonderful, too.

  2. Wow Jennifer, you've got a real talent for this. The colours look wonderful!!
    I'm off for the day and my (your) quilted bag is going with me filled with stitchy stuff!! Woohoo!!

  3. Wow! You dyed these? They look so professional. I thought they were GAST when I first looked at them. The names are great, as well. Kudos!

  4. You do have a real flair for the floss dyeing, Jennifer! I'd buy Marinated Olives in a flash, wagon or no! LOL!

    Your patriotic squares look great. If you can actually finish them in a star shape, I'd want a tutorial of how you did it!

  5. Nice job with the floss. I love it. You are so ambitious. Glad to hear the Alix is playing like a little kitty.

    Love your stars. Love to do patriotic designs.