Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seeing More Clearly

Well, I finally broke down and "stimulated the economy" a bit. I bought a new digital camera. Nothing fancy, just another Kodak "Easy-Share". The C300 that my mom and dad surrendered to me last Summer was finally starting to wear down. All photos further then a few inches from the subject were turning out blurry and dark. So I upgraded today to the Kodak C613 in a pretty shade of pink. Only $89.00 at Wal-Mart. I had been eyeing those Nikons and Canons for $200+ with all those fancy lenses and exotic features, but in reality they are way beyond my technical abilities. This new little one suits me just fine. It has tons of features and surely many more that I will discover once I sit still and actually read the booklet that came with it. Here are my latest snaps.
Joe with Alix sitting on our dirty old porch, hiding from the rain. Alix had another seizure last night about 5am, but once again she spent about an hour hiding under the bed and then bounced right back to her usual self. I am amazed(and also very grateful) at how resilient she is. She seemed a bit sluggish today, but then she is usually back to normal in a day or two. This was the first major seizure she has had since the first one in late October. It seems her "attacks" of various types are coming more frequently. Then just as quickly she recovers and is running around, jumping into paper bags, eating treats and behaving like a young and healthy cat again. I think I am more at peace with the situation now, being able to accept that she has had a long and happy life and that these problems are caused by her old age. I must accept it. Death, after all, is part of Life. To accept this has made me enjoy my time with Alix more and to allow her to enjoy herself also.
This is the finish of three of the Prairie Schooler "Winter Wind" ornaments. I have displayed them on the background fabric. It has touches of silver in it and so does the cording. I am very pleased with how these came out and even more pleased with the clarity of the photo.
Here's a shot of my computer area where all these profound words are put to the blog-page. And the final shot is of my sewing machine, second only in creative energy to my cross-stitching chair on the opposite side of the room.
NOTE: This post was created on Thursday 15 May, but due to "technical difficulties" will be published on Friday 16 May.


  1. Oooh, I just checked out you blog and your winter ornaments are stunning, Jennifer!!
    Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!! I'm currently stalking my mailman; but I may have scared him off... ;o)
    Have fun with your new camera!!

  2. Hi Jennifer ,
    You sound al lot happyer dan at the beginning of this week!!
    I just love the winter ornaments, ( if i may ask, what is the color of the fabric that you used ( mmmm curieux as a cat)
    and like Harmien says, (hi Harmien!!) have fun with the new camera!!

  3. Your ornaments are really gorgeous, Jennifer!

    Hey, you made me laugh right out loud about us being in the same boat ... and the boat sinking! LOL!

  4. What lovely ornaments!!!

    I also know what thats like to get caught in the underground as that often happen here...every time it does I just know that's when the next "Big ONE" will come and it'll bury the entire train!!! Such a happy thought... :)

    I am glad that you got yourself a new camera!! enjoy!!

  5. Enjoy that new camera! I, too, have my eye on a new one, not that there's anything wrong with the old one other than it not measuring up to the newer ones. We'll see.

    I think that cat of yours has a lot more than nine lives.

    Love those Prairie Schooler ornaments!

  6. Love the ornaments, they are super! My ornament stitching is coming along well this year, but I haven't finished one single one! I'll have to have a finishing weekend sometime before winter I think :)

  7. Your finished ornaments look great.

    New camera, how nice. I may need to do the same. Mine is 4 years old, but I paid a lot for it when I got it. Never will know how to run all of the features of any of them.

  8. Oh wow!!! - says me. I am catching up on friends' blogs tonight... and I see so many lovely finishes you had! I ADORE the PS ornaments... what a great idea you had to stitch them on that fabric color with white cording!!

  9. The Prairie Schooler ornaments are adorable! I look forward to seeing more.