Monday, May 19, 2008

Ups and Downs

That can describe the weather or my mood lately. I sit down at the computer everyday and try to write something, but in the last two or three days nothing seems to want to come out. Up and down would also describe Alix's health. She had a not-so good day on Saturday after a few little spells on Friday night. Then yesterday she was fine again. This wreaks havoc with my emotions and I can only imagine what it does to her. She is certainly not at the "decision-making" stage....that moment I dread, but this is always in the back of my mind. I watch her all the time and she seems to take well to this. Instead of running away like many ill or old animals do, she seeks me out and we comfort each other. Yesterday we all enjoyed a bit of long overdue sunshine, although the wind was quite brutal. I don't remember a year when Spring took so long to arrive. So much rain and temperatures in the 50s and 60sF. All my little seedlings remain safely on the porch for a while longer. Their older counterparts that made it out into the garden are now at a near drowning stage.We need a few days of warm and dry weather to sort things out.
I am in my constant debate of whether to make the trek to Fabric Shack or to stay home and save money. Fabric Shack is a gigantic quilting/fabric shop about 20 miles northwest of here. This is the only shop that would qualify as LNS, even though it has not one single scrap of cross-stitch in it. I haven't been there in over two years. Not that the drive is really that much of an issue, it is more of my inherit "miserly-ness" that gets the best of me. Also, I don't feel comfortable being away from the house for long periods of time. They don't open for another hour, so I will see how Alix is doing and then decide.
No stitchy finishes to show. I've been too unsettled and restless to even sit down and stitch for more then a few minutes. I go through the motions though...dragging out all the patterns and magazines, reviewing the fabric stash, setting out the threads....then my mind wanders and it all gets pushed aside and nothing gets stitched. My deadline for a gift for my friend and assistant Becky is Tuesday. That is when our little gymnastics group is finished for a two week break. Of course her gift is not done. I wanted to finish "Jerusalem Sampler" for her, but it's not even half-way done. Instead I took the rather wimpy way out and collected $5 from each girl in our group to get her a giftcard from a local mall. Yuck, so unlike me, and I am rather ashamed. Becky is such a sweet lady and I really wanted to give her something from my own hands rather then the mall. I console myself by saying in this way at least all of the girls get to participate in the gift, and Becky will certainly get use out of it. Her baby is due in August.
A break from the gym today and then the "Fun Meet" three nights in a row from 4-10pm. I have this simply marked as "F-Meet" on my calendar with the "F" standing for whatever your imagination cares to insert there! This is the big end of the season show where everyone ( and I mean everyone) from the tiniest screaming, crying three year old to the poor unfortunate teachers and coaches has to "show their stuff" to a restless, squirming audience of parents, grandparents and equally screaming and crying siblings. Each age group has set routines so invariably one will get to see the same song and dance over and over again. Is anyone else concerned of the positioning of the words "3 year-old" and "set routines" in the same paragraph? Then I think you are getting my point about this.
Here are some flea market finds from Saturday. A lovely frame for $1 that I can use for needlework, two amazing little variegated threads f0r 25 cents. These are rather old and one is a brand I have never seen before, "Star". The most amazing scissors that Joe bought for me while I was browsing at another booth. Aren't these lovely? The box says "Hancock Fabrics 50th Anniversary 1957-2007" in gold letter and the same is engraved on the blade of the scissors. It is kind of hard to see, but the handles are gold plated!
This is a photo of our gymnast Shelby. She is one of the most talented girls in the gym, but has decided to leave in favor of soccer. Her father thinks she has a better chance at a college scholarship in soccer then she does in gymnastics. I'm afraid that's true since most college gymnastics scholarships go to the girls at an elite/National Team level. Shelby is only 11, but I don't think she could make it that far at our little gym. I am so sad to see her go, since she was my student since the age of 4. From left to right: Becca, Shelby, Brenda and me.

Loving the new camera, although most of the photos are the same old dull household stuff. Here are the more exciting Alix and Elliot in the kitchenAre rare shot indeed, since these two have never gotten along well. Off to debate the rest of my day. At least I know I am free from the gym tonight and there may be a decent and timely dinner on the horizon.


  1. I'm making TexMex for dinner and had planned on homemade cornmeal muffins to accompany it, only to discover at the last minute that I'm out of baking powder and baking soda. Oops.

    Having never been very active in sports, it's eye-opening to read about a coach (you!) missing a student who opts for another sport. It had never crossed my mind before. I had teachers who tried to 'groom' me to enter into their special fields and I stupidly never thought about how it must be similiar in sports. I'm sorry you lost a student that you'd enjoyed so much and had coached for so long. I hope another special girl will come along.

    And I was really surprised to read about your thing about not liking to be too far from home in regard to shopping. It's something that's bothered me since my university days and you are the first person I've ever "met" who has expressed the same issue.

  2. luv that photo of alix and elliot together! i'm going to asheville/biltmore castle this coming weekend/memorial day. :) hope to talk to you again soon.

  3. Hang in there. Alix is going to be OK, probably for a while. I understand your concern. As we discussed before, it is so hard to watch one of our own go through these things.

    I can understand your reluctance to go anywhere. Don't want to miss anything. Seems that I could become a stitching and computer hermit.

    You desire to stitch will come back.

  4. I was feeling really restless for a few weeks too, had trouble concentrating etc. but thankfully it's passed~~hope your restless bout is short-lived :)

    Hope Alix is doing better, {{hugs}}

  5. That is one cute kitty snap of Alix and Elliot together!! Great scissors from your yard saleing. I hope this week and weekend will bring you better weather.

    Thanks you so much for the lovely package!!!

    Take care {{{{HUGS}}}}