Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Bit Disappointed

I'm not really sure why I'm writing this. I suppose if I can't be honest here, then where else? I restrained myself from titling this "So Disappointed", but I feel a bit down none-the-less. I didn't win a darn thing in Leena's Stitched Mail Art Contest. I'm not angry or jealous, but just plain sad. I had never entered a stitching contest before so I don't know why I expected to win anything. You know, I actually dreamed about winning and what I would buy with the prize money! How vain and greedy is that!? I'm really not that sort of person and I don't know what's come over me. The work of the winners is superb. Very fine stitching of many varieties and such beautiful design and finish presentations. There is not an ounce of bitterness in that regard. I should have realized I didn't stand a chance against such delicate work. I am just a plain old "x-maker".....nothing on tiny counts of linen or "over-one".
So with that bit of emotional cleansing out of the way I will show you what my entry was.

My SAL piece with Annemarie has become a point of disappointment also. Once again in my quest to be frugal the fabric is too small. I am too ashamed to even post a photo here, but you will have to deal with it tomorrow when I update for the Thursday SAL posting. I will have to make some sort of calico "cuff" along the top to feebly disguise the fact that the top two rows of letters and a star are missing. Luckily, the quilt I am working on is of the same color scheme, so I have plenty of scraps that will nicely coordinate with the stocking.

Worked a bit more on my French Sampler. Just the very boring borders to finish up now. This piece doesn't see much action. I usually take it on my annual Summer trip to visit my parents. Since I didn't go this August it has sat in the WIP cabinet for quite a while. A little more done of the duck and ducklings square of Prairie Schooler's "Welcome Spring", but not enough to merit a photo.

Last Sunday(26th) was the Perennial Exchange Party of my friend Sharee's sister-in-law, Annette. She has a beautiful home with equally beautiful landscaping and gardens. Her Rembrandt Tulips were gorgeous! There were 26 ladies there and each of us brought a selection of plants from our own gardens to trade with the other party-goers. Here's mine and Sharee's table. There was also a marvelous tent with all sorts of goodies and snacks. Annette's very cute little dog enjoyed the party and all the attention he got.

"Mystery Cat" has been with us for nearly two weeks now so it is only fitting that he gets a name. Introducing Morris. He is so friendly with all the other animals, including Bud the dog and is tremendously comfortable living here, as you can see.

Some lovely new threads from Anita's Little Stitches. I just can't get enough of these Threadworx and Valdani threads.Speaking of new are some new neighbors. Actually they are a new collection of what Joe calls "recreational farm animals" that our neighbors bought a few weeks ago. They had two horses to begin with, although we never see them riding them or even so much as petting them. Now they have four little goats, a mule and an odd breed of cow with long curly fur and turned-in horns. Don't know these neighbors at all. Most of the new "yuppy-housing" changes hands every three years or so and we never even know the names of the people who move in and out. Their animals are very nice though. I try to go up to the fence and pet the horses as often as possible and also offer them up some apples. The goats are still a bit shy and the mule...well the mule sets off the "Mule Alarm" most mornings around 4am. That loud, almost honking sound that they make. If I didn't love animals so much...............


  1. Sorry you did not win anything in the contest. I know just how you feel. I went to a retreat where everyone was to bring something for a contest. I took "A Quaker Christmas" and won nothing. The things done over one and drawn thread and more intricate won. I was disappointed too. We just have to realize what we stitch is wonderful and has been a joy for us to stitch and not worry about winning prizes.

    You other stitching looks great. The plant exchange party looked like lots of fun.

    Morris, the cat, is interesting. My better half is Morris and his nickname has always been "CAT". How funny. Love the orange/yellow cats. Always have.

  2. Oh, that was your entry! I voted for you, and I was dead sure that your entry would win. It was such a cool idea, and SO well made! When I cast my vote, I included a comment on how original and beautiful it was, and how the "message in a bottle" concept really captured the feel of international post. Sigh. I'm really sorry you didn't win.

    I like Morris alot. I like his name, too. I'm very partial to marmelade cats, as my dear Dan was this color with a white tummy. I still miss that bad boy.

    You take care, okay?

  3. awh just not a good day for you today. no fun *hugs*
    Your stitching looks fantastic! :)

  4. I am sorry about the not winning - and it was such a great idea!!! The other stitching is looking just super and Morris is great!!!

  5. You had my vote, such a pity it wasn't enough!! I thought it was the most original and creative entry, so there!!
    Morris looks right at home!!

  6. Jeff says you should name the "Mystery cat" *Houdini*

  7. That entry was yours?!!!! I flipped when I saw that - so creative! I voted for you! Win or lose, you should be proud of that entry - it is stunning!