Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can't Stop Stitching!

I'm just obsessed lately with stitching. Not that I have touched any of the WIPs waiting for me in the cabinet. I did work a bit on a not-so-old WIP...doesn't even really qualify as one yet because it has not made the fateful trip into the cabinet. It's still in the project bag. Prairie Schooler's "Welcome Spring". Here are the animals I have done so far. The partial one is the ducks. I am waiting for a very nice silk forsythia wreath to go on clearance sale at JoAnn Fabrics and that is where these animals will end up.
I'm still so into stitching "Mon Ami Pierre" freebie. I have used some of the themes before, but now it's going to be the whole thing! I think it's the Valdani Threads "Antique Violet" that attracts me to this piece. It is also a very loose, easy-to-see 28 count natural linen from my stash. As you can see by the edges I have a very bad habit. I think I get this from, of all people, my father. He is very frugal...OK, can I use the word cheap? He is bargain-hunter extraordinaire and never wastes a scrap of anything. From him I get the habit of starting my stitching very close to the edge of the fabric. Linen is more expensive then Aida after all. Why should I search up a larger piece, if I can shove a design onto a slightly smaller piece then recommended on the chart? Maybe it will end up with the "rustic" finishing technique of stitching the raw-edged piece to a plain piece of muslin and then framing it. Really, I've seen it in museum pieces; I'm not just making it up to save face.
Then, here it is, the work of all works (drum roll please), my very first SAL. Thanks to Annemarie and her low pressure, kinder, gentler approach I have decided to dive into this adventure. I dutifully post, on the correct day mind you, my work so far on Carriage House Samplings "Primitive Stocking".
A few pet snaps. The first is really not a pet, but when have I been one to turn away an animal. This is "mystery cat". He was sitting in one of my wicker chairs outside the kitchen window yesterday afternoon. He seemed very much at home. When I approached him I was very surprised to find that he didn't scare and run away, but came right up to me and rubbed his lovely orange fur all over my black pants. He is extremely friendly and followed me around for about an hour. He even tried to get into the house. He seems to get along with the other cats. Against my(or maybe it was Joe's) better judgement I gave him some food and he has spent the night in the cabinet on the porch with our other outside friend, Mocha. Everyone is right now frolicking in the yard in the sun. Yes, sun. The big golden ball in the sky that we haven't seen in nearly a week. It is also warm enough to open the windows and air out some of the testosterone build-up from Easter weekend. Joe's friends love to come here. One even spent two nights on the spare bed. But they leave such a trail of destruction and ewwwww, the smell. OK, OK I have a litter box so I should be pretty "stink-proof", but there is just something about wool socks and work boots and rainy weather that just puts such a funky smell into everything. Of course the gallons of beer and mountains of cigarettes didn't help either. So the whole place is getting a thorough cleaning. But this will take me away from stitching! It also took me away from my original train of thought....PETS!
Here is our Elliot. This photo I pulled up from the archives as it is one of my all-time favorites. Today Elliot has been with us ten years, which makes him somewhere around 11 years old. He is our "special kitty". He has a lame front leg from a bullet wound. We found him that way and the Vet said it was probably some cruel person with a b.b. gun. Somehow Elliot has survived this and a terrible fall about three years ago that has left him with a slightly tilted appearance. Otherwise he is one of our fastest and most agile cats. He also has the most plush fur. I am so glad you found us, Elliot!


  1. I love that Antique Violet thread - the AMAP piece is gorgeous! Did you say it was a freebie? Tell me more please!

  2. Great, great pet pics.
    Love, love, love the barnyard animals you're stitching.

    And OH MY have you done a lot of work on your Stocking already!!! I think this, once again, proves that easy does it :o)

    Hey, that AMAP is indeed a beauty. Was it really a freebie?

  3. Great works in progress.
    I love your theory on stitching right to the edge of the fabric. :)

  4. Can't stop stitching...well things could be worse, LOL!!! Love all your little PS pieces. And your AMAP and stocking are super lovely too!!!

  5. gorgeous stitching and kitties too! You might enjoy Gina's blog about embroidery. Note two more blogs in her sidebar--one about aprons, and one about peacocks.