Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh Well, Here Goes..............

The update for Annemarie's SAL. The much shortened version of Carriage House Samplings "Primitive Stocking". So primitive in fact it was obviously stitched before the invention of the yardstick, the ruler or the measuring tape. As you can see it is very tightly squeezed to the selvage edge at the top of the fabric. I have narrowed down my choices of cuff fabrics to the four pictured. I am leaning heavily towards the mustard gold with the olive green "eyeball"-looking things on it. I suppose I could just end off the stocking without a cuff but I really like the very long look of this stocking series. My mother has "Quaker Stocking" that I made last year and I would love to display them together.
Finished up the duck and ducklings this morning. I love how these designs look on (18 count) black. Now I must head off to JoAnn Fabrics tomorrow in the hopes that they still have a forsythia wreath leftover after the Easter sale.

A short post today, but I can't sign off without a pet snap. Our newest friend, Morris, yesterday posing so serenely on a stump in my flowerbed. Doesn't his beautiful orange color set off nicely against the plants?


  1. Awww, Morris looks so comfy there!

    Sorry to hear about the fabric mishap! I'm sure your stocking will look fantastic nonetheless (it already does) and with a cuff in such gorgeous fabric, it will absolutely be one of a kind!

  2. I like the fabric you are leaning towards and think a cuff will set off the stitching very well!!

  3. I love the stocking! And great finish on the cute!

  4. All that work then to be short fabric, argh!!! It does make it very frustrating. Looks like you have come up with a perfect solution though. When I first started stitching I picked up PS designs. They are so cute. Morris does set off your flowers.

  5. Morris looks so cozy. :D

    And I like the eyeball fabric, too. Your stocking looks great and it's all the better for the personalization! :D

  6. Your stocking looks great. Nice job. Love the ducks too.

    Morris reminds me of a cat I had growing up. He was yellow, but was part Manx and had no tail. My better half's name is Morris and his nickname in High School was "CAT".