Thursday, April 23, 2009

If It's Thursday.........

It must be Annemarie's Carriage House Samplings Stocking SAL! I must admit I did not take a stitch on this from last Thursday. Then last night I played catch-up in order to have some progress to post. It is a lovely day outside, but I must admit I am not feeling it much. I am subbing for another teacher tonight at the gym. Now, don't get me wrong, I love to help out co-workers, but I always regret it the moment I say "yes" to subbing. Another night at the gym until 9pm with unfamiliar kids in a very "recreational" atmosphere. I try to focus on the extra stash-buying money I will be making.
It was also a "Vet Day". Sammy, our FIV positive cat, has some sort of coughy-sneezy thing going on. Since his immune system is not up to par I am always doubly concerned. The Vet gave him some antibiotics and a shot for his itchy fur problem and all is well for now. I do have the twice a day struggle to give him his medicine. Even though it is supposedly flavored like chicken Sammy is none too cooperative when it comes to swallowing medication. Infact, he is still a bit leery of me and this was the only snap I could get of he runs from me about an hour ago after we got home from the Vet!

You see, everything is turning such a lovely green and all of my little plants are sprouting. The kittens, Roy and Carmella, spend most of the daylight hours outside. Although here they are lurking to pounce on the next innocent victim who goes up the stairs.Tomorrow it is supposed to get up to the 70sF and the 80sF over the weekend. Great timing! It has been so cold this week that the cats huddled near the wood-burning stove. This is Coal with Roy.When it got too warm there, they moved to the rocking chair.Not a lot of stitchy things to show today. My "uber-cheapness" has gotten the best of me with "A Mon Ami Pierre" freebie. I cut the fabric too small. I think I can only fit the top half of the sampler on it. I'm so mad at myself. Now I search eBay for large pieces of linen at a reasonable price. I think this piece, when finished (so-to-speak) will be displayed as a pseudo-antique "sampler remnant". Is there no end to the length I will go to cover up a mistake!? Pseudo what??????? Sounds like one of those million dollar art pieces that was created by a 3 year-old finger painting with Jello.

oooooooh Jello, now I'm hungry. Gotta go.


  1. Yay! Some real progress! Congrats. I finished exactly four stitches this week, and it's "my" SAL!

    Your kitties are darling. Hope the wee one recovers soon!

  2. Love your kitties! They are so cute!
    Isn't giving meds the worst!?!

  3. Hey Jennifer I'm sorry to hear that Sammy is not feeling well. I hope he gets better soon. About 3 days ago it was 85-90 degrees outside with no breeze. I was so happy that it wasn't humid but at the gym where I work there is no air conditioning! It is so hot that the kids carry spray bottles of water and spray themselves when they get to hot and then they stand in front of a fan to cool themselves off. I don't know how they do it here year after year. Getting a bit off topic here but Jeff was wondering if you ever got started on making the Tazmanian Devil (Looney Toons Taz) cross stitch?

  4. Great progress on your stocking!! I just love to see piccies of your feline family!!

  5. GREAT progress, Jennifer!! :D

    And the kitty pics are fabulous.