Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dare I?

With the computer acting strangely again, I wonder if it's safe to post? All sorts of weird viruses again. "It", whatever "it" may be this time, even stole all my Microsoft programs and left the computer "empty". Somehow all my files were hidden from me and I had to restore everything. Since I am far from the computer professional I am sure I have now exposed myself to even deadly viruses by opening up and "releasing" all my files. At least I was able to put all my precious photos and videos on to CD and everything seems to be working fine...........for now. I haven't even dared to upload the photos that are languishing on the memory card of my camera. Let's see what I can come up with from the archives:

It is a well-known fact that I am a collector of fabrics, threads and yarn, but Joe is a collector of these lovelies. He actually FINDS these arrowheads in the fields surrounding our property. Now I couldn't tell one rock from another in an endless expanse of dirt, but he just has an eye for it.

The kitties are doing well. Gray and white guy still won't come any closer to me, but I see him more often in the yard. This photo was taken at quite a distance...hence the zoom-in blurriness. Mel has her favorite new spot, a barley pillow I brought home from my parent's house to help my sore neck. I never use it though. Just can't stand the crunchy sound it makes. Roy's new spot is a down pillow up on a the dresser in the hallway. The sun hits it just right at mid morning.

Here's a book from my local libraryKind of a wonky photo though. Some great sewing and crafting ideas in here. Like these really neat colored-pencil holder!
Tons of dolly dress ideas running around in my head, but no needle put to fabric lately. Too much time spent cleaning up this old computer............

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  1. Jennifer, what a nice pencil-holder!))
    I am really surprised to know Joe collect the stones! His collection looks great! The stones are so various!
    Oh. cat, cats! I sewed a carpet for Kuzya oneday, but he dislikes to lie on even. So this carpet is on the corner only, but Kuzya is on any another corner..))