Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not Again!

My computer has died again! Flashing screens, constant pop-ups warning of impending doom if I don't download this or that spam virus protection program ASAP. I've taken the liberty of pre-deleting all the foul language I intended to write here. Suffice it to say that I can't upload a single photo or even stay on the Internet for more then a few minutes at a time. So if you comments, e-mails and Facebook posts go unanswered, please don't think I'm just laying around eating bons-bons and ignoring you. Now the bon-bon thing sounds pretty good right now, but a least the weather is nice and I can revert back to my 19th Century pursuits of stitching and gardening. Ah, the cyberworld moves to fast for me anyway................


  1. So sorry to hear this!! Hope things get cleared up soon, but like you said, more time to do other things now!!Enjoy doing those other things you like doing.Forget about the World Wide Web for a bit and get unplugged!! It's good for yah! =)

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    So sorry your computer is giving problems again :-((
    Maybe its time to get out the pile of wips, or even UFO's

    I know , we are so used to start up that computer every morning, its hard to live without.
    In Belgium we have nice springweather
    Bey bey,Nicole