Friday, April 22, 2011

Picture This.......

Picture a kind neighbor who has allowed me to use her hi-speed Internet connection.  Picture a sunny day...what would you do if you were a happy little kitty like Blacky.  Attack the cat-nip turtle of course.  Yes, TURTLE.  I found that a bit odd too, but she loves this toy. 
 Picture my own Roy enjoying a little "hunting excursion" in the old green shed.

 Picture lovely Mocha, outside of the barn for a rare moment.  I can hardly believe this sweet cat has been with us nearly 8 years.  My goal is to get her to be a house-pet, like the others.  But she's so shy.  I'm still the only one who can pet her.
 Picture Coal, helping me set up the seed-starting area on the porch.  Gone are the huge stacks of firewood, replaced by this lovely metal baker's rack bought at a yard sale for $1.  I really don't think Coal is actually helping though.  More likely he is waiting for me to put the cat-nip starts close enough for him to knock them all over and eat them.
 Picture Carmella napping on the swing.  It was a bit breezy, so she decided to go under the canvas cover for added warmth.
 Picture the approaching storm.  One can picture this about every 3 to 4 hours these days.  The yard is a swamp.  I even made the mistake of putting some flower seeds directly out into the plant beds.  I am sure they are all washed to one corner by now.
 So what to do when it rains?  Lounge on the porch of course (Carmella).
 Or check out the rain, hoping it will stop soon(Roy).  Maybe just hang out in the barn annoying Mocha.  Here Roy and Carmella listen to Mocha up above them in the loft.
Picture the Spring of 1861.  I've been watching the PBS series "The Civil War".  I've seen it several times before, but I never lose interest in it.  To honor the anniversary of that awful war the divided this country, dolly Tess had a new calico dress made in the c. 1861 fashion. 
 Picture some stitching getting done.  I've been working on some little Springtime freebies. This one is a Primitive Betty creation.
Picture a computer that works.......well, a friend's computer.  I can hardly believe a photo-filled update completed in less then ten minutes!  Happy Spring !!


  1. Home sweet home!!!
    Jennifer, wonderful photos with so lovely cats!!! Love to see them all and read a few words about everyone))) I wish I was there to enjoy your spring-time) We had a snow again yesterday... It is too windy and cold here today..
    Happy Easter!

  2. DELIGHTFUL! Thank you to your friend - I really enjoyed this beautiful post!