Monday, April 25, 2011

Technical Genius or How to Make Use of a Yard of Fabric

How to fix a computer:
Step One:  Curse at the screen while numerous pop-ups , ads and spyware assualt you from every direction.
Step Two:  Yank the phone extension cord from the back of the computer to end Internet attack immediately.
Step Three: Totally unplug the computer and hook up the old Window 98 dinosaur from the attic.
Step Four:  Repeat Step one, only this time curse at the fact that no webpage created after 2000 will work with this system. No Facebook Chat, no Etsy shop, no uploading of photos...........
Step Five: Exile virus-ridden computer to under the desk.
Step Six:  Further exile virus-ridden computer to the trunk of the car.  Then drive it around for two weeks while deciding whether to pay the over-priced computer store to fix it or simply find a nearby river, lake or ravine to throw it in.
Step Seven:  Total despiration sets in.  While in near-darkness remove the dinosaur and re-attach the original computer.  Turn it on and.....................
Step Eight:  IT WORKS!  WTF!!!

Now on to more pleasant things.  No more holding my breath while down-loading photos from my camera to the memory stick, then hauling them down the street to the neighbor's house and putting them up on my blog and Facebook.  No more driving 15 miles to the nearest public library to use a hi-speed connection to check my e-mail and Etsy shop.   My sister-in-law just goes crazy if I "drop off the face of the Earth"(meaing if she doesn't see me on Facebook everyday).  Somehow I found a way to live without FB, but my blog?  That's a different story.  This is the "kinder/gentler" me..........if there is such a thing.  I find FB a little, well it may sound a bit harsh, but I find it a bit shallow.  I've found a lot of friends there, old and new, but some of the stuff is just plain self-serving trash.
 So, how do I make use of a yard of fabric?  You saw half of the results last time.  The circa 1860 gown for 16" Tess

The rest of the fabric was used for this circa 1857 dress for Amy (11.5" tall).  I've had this doll since 1977.  I think she was designed to be some sort of gymnast or aerobics instructor.  She came originally dressed in a hideous 70's floral polyester jumpsuit.  I liked her simple because she was so poseable.  She is a Dollikin brand doll and apparently they are quite the collectors item (according to eBay).  Then there is the circa 1911 gown that's been hanging out on the sewing machine for a while.  Here 16" Tonner Sydney named Louisa.

I'm not completely pleased with how it turned out.  The sleeves are too long and straight and the overskirt really doesn't drape as well as my photo inspiration.  I also think I need to re-work the belt to be a bit wider.

The weather changes from bright sun to high wind and heavy thunderstorms.  There are about 5 or 6 rounds of this everyday!  No chance to get out and work in the garden (aka The Swamp),
so the veggies hang out on the porch.

Striped Roma tomatoes

Chinese Cabbage, Red Lettuce and Red Cabbage

There are a few of you out there who will be quite proud of my next accomplishment.  Yeast is now my friend! From Food Network Magazine, the Macaroni Grill herb bread.
I've made several varieties (the original recipe is for Rosemary Bread).  This batch is garlic.

One the stitching front, I've been working on my own design with themes found at this website.  Scroll down a bit from the most recent post to find a great selection of crowns.
In case you can't guess, it's a Royal Wedding sampler.  I've gotten a bt further on it, but haven't taken a new photo yet.  It should be done tonight.

Ok, I'm hating the new format for uploading pictures on Blogger.  I have to sit and wait while they all upload and can't go back to typing until it's done.  I'm also having a terrible time trying to align them correctly (notice how some are centered and others are just flying around the page) and inserting them into the typed area.  Oh well, at least I can actually get pictures on here.  Be grateful for the little things.................


  1. You have a lot of patience to sew all those doll clothes! I did a little sewing when DD was into the American Girl dolls and my mom made many clothes for Barbie and Skipper. Mom still has those outfits.

    And you have a lot of patience dealing with your computer! Keeping my fingers crossed that this machine (bought in 2003) will keep on ticking. Has crashed twice and now I have a hard drive backup just in case. Now I just have to remember to back stuff up once in awhile!

    We're also living in a swamp these days. Rain rain go away...

  2. Jennifer, so wonderful dresses you sewed!!! The dolls look like the Princesses)))
    Wow! I see you bake the bread too) Isn't it sweety? I ove the home-made bread. But now the flour costs so expensive here, and I don't bake often...
    Lve to see your landscape)) All is green and beautiful.. bUt here we got the melted snow only a few days ago...

  3. I love the dresses you made, Jennifer! You did a great job.