Monday, May 5, 2014

A Stitchy Post

I started and actually finished several projects in April.  Before I left to visit my mom and dad I framed up Blackbird Designs Summer Jubilee. I bought these frame section from the Herrschner's mail-order catalog.  As much as I admire professionally framed pieces I just can't factor that into my budget these days.
Wiling away the hours watching the Mets or Yankees with Mom and Dad, I managed to finish up The Workbasket's Quaker Rabbit just in time for Easter.  He will be mounted on a bandbox someday.
I also started and finished this little Prim bird design.  This will go to my friend Alisha for her birthday on Thursday.  She was once my gymnastics student and now we work together as coaches.  She is just passionate about birds  She even had her wedding at the Cincinnati Zoo and peacocks roamed freely around the reception!

Mounted on an old board salvaged from our barn.  I am now obsessed with salvaging old items and giving them new life with my stitchery.
Another April start and finish.  These lovely, colorful socks from an Etsy purchase.  The color is "Not A Cloud In The Sky".
Sort of reminds me of the Ukraine flag.  What a dreadful situation in that country.  I am not a political person but I hope it is resolved quickly and peacefully.
On the new start front I have US gymnast Kyla Ross in her bright pink leotard.  I've chosen the floss colors, now I need to draw up the chart and get stitching.
 Happy stitching everyone!


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