Thursday, May 8, 2014

Meanwhile in the World of Gymnastics...................

My crazy girls!  They keep me creative, active and young.

They placed the highest of any group on our team in it's 26 years history.

Ok, so the little video I wanted to post won't work,

so here's a still of Lindsay performing the same move....aerial cartwheel on Beam.

Cats, cooking, gardening, sewing; that's my down time.  This is my "up time"!  The place where I am safe and secure and right 99% of the time (now that's an ego boost).  We all need a little of that in our lives.  A place where I open my mouth and whatever comes out is listened to intently and with respect...and sometimes even awe.  The outside world fades away and I'm in my element.

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  1. Nothing like sports to introduce a little crazy into life!! Our oldest kids weren't into sports much, so with the younger ones into cross country and track, I have a better appreciation for what my friends endured and enjoyed through the years, lol!