Friday, May 2, 2014

At The End Of The Long Winter......

I'm never one to want time to rush by without notice, but I am certainly glad Spring has finally come.  I try to find joy in every season, even this past Winter that was exceptionally harsh.  I actually saw trees cut down by the side of the hi-way as people searched for wood to heat their homes.  Really? To see this in 2013/2014 was shocking and reminded me of the scene from "Dr. Zhivago" when Yuri is caught by the commissar stealing wood from the fence to heat his tiny apartment.

Maybe this year I will get some apples from my little trees.  Last year the deer ate them when they were the size of marbles!

We are all glad to be outside and to air-out a bit.  Some of us even need a little brushing.   Kitty Coal is not looking his best here.  Too much time spent matted under blankets and filled with static.

My tulips were a bit late for Easter, but I got a very good turn-out this year.  Maybe the harsher the Winter the better the blooms.....oh that sounds like a phrase for a sampler!

I have done a bit of stitching. Mostly at my mom and dad's to wile away the idle hours.  I completed two items, but I'll post those next time.  We are all just happy to get a few hours in the sun.  The lightening and the thunder the last few days have actually been a pleasant experience.  A sign that, once again, the Seasons move forward and all is renewed.  Time to clean up, plant and refurbish, although Mel seems to appreciate this old mower we've acquired.  I am supposed to be down-sizing, but it more "stuff" keeps arriving.

Wishing all of you a happy start to Springtime!

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  1. Jennifer, nice photos :) I see your home place is so beautiful. I wish I could be there :) WE have the rainy and windy weather here - no any flowers and green trees yet.. Your cats are really good, just I wonder you have so many of the :)