Sunday, March 9, 2008


Yes, it was actually declared a blizzard from late Friday night through most of the day Saturday. Our final total after nearly 32 hours on non-stop snow was somewhere between 14 and 16 inches of snow. The high winds didn't help much in the measuring. As you can see Bud had a rather clear area to run on, but it was piled up at the door of his dog house. Coal, on the other hand, had some trouble navigating the white stuff that went up to his belly and beyond. He really did like it though and even rolled around in it like a dog. Bud left that foolish behaviour to the cat.
Stayed inside all day and, as predicted, the big party dwindled down to just me, Joe and Mark the guest of honor. It was lucky Joe brought home half the party food the night before. Now we need to find our way over to his boss's house and reclaim the rest of it. There is enough for at least four large meals that I can save in the freezer. The second cake is going to work with me on Tuesday for a party for one of the teachers who is moving away.
Spent all day stitching (and refilling the wood stove) and even started something new. Ah yes, the forbidden "new start", but I couldn't resist. It is Prairie Schooler's "R is for Rabbit". The rabbit is so cute! I think I may be able to finish it today, as it looks as if we are stuck inside for a least another 24 hours. So I will save a photo until it is nearly done. Then it will not fall into that ever-growing UFO category. Many thanks to the lovely and generous Harmien for granting my wish for the two Prairie Schooler freebie cards. I have so many wonderful stitching friends that it makes all the bad things in Life just fade away into the distance. I am truely blessed by all the great people I have met through blogging, on Cyberstitchers, and through many gymnastics and royalty chat boards. Being suspended in my "White Solitude" for the past 48 hours has made me appreciate them even more.

Hmmm, for some reason Google is coming up with some sort of "server error" that will not allow me to post my photos here. I'll put up the text and then try to add the photos later. Maybe by then "R is for Rabbit" will be done.


  1. Others are also having trouble posting pics to blogger - it's not just you. ;)

    I heard from my dear friend Sara, who also lives in Ohio, that you've all been enjoying a couple of days of real "Maine" winter!

  2. Found your blog through Quaker Inspired blog. When you said "Ohio", I knew I had to come visit. Visited Ohio on several occasions. Some very close family friends live there. Had heard about your lovely weather. How did the party work out?

    I have added you to my Google Reader for blogs. Have not had trouble posting pictures. Just had problems with spell checker for a while. It is back working now.