Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Talented Friend

I just must show you the latest designs by my very talented friend, Barbara Ana in Spain. For several years she has designed her own charts and last year she started to sell them! The first is "Welcome Spring"
The second is "Spring Biscornu"This is turn such a gift into a new career. I am so proud to know her. You can find her designs at Stitching Bits and Bobs and at the French site Creative Poppy.

Tried desperately to break my New Year's Resolution today. I went in search of the little round clips to make some floss tags. Apparently they are not as easy to find as I thought. I found just tons of rings in silver or gold tone in various sizes in the jewelry department, but these were the coiled up rings, like on a key chain. You know, the type that simply break your fingers off as your attempt to pry them open to get your key in there. This certainly would not do for use with the somewhat delicate cardboard floss card. Then I did find the exact rings I wanted; the hinged back and the little clamp on the front, but they were enclosed in a scrapbooking kit. It seems these type of ring clips are popular with the scrapbooking set to hold pages together rather then putting them in a ringed binder. Well, I wasn't about to pay the $20 for the entire kit just to steal the rings out of it. I did find one other floss ring in the needlework department of Hobby Lobby. It was 3 inches around and $14.99!! So the New Year's Resolution Fairy was watching over me and I bought nothing but a package of $1.29 DMC #26 embroidery needles.


  1. Try an office supply place - they usually have those rings.
    Nice designs by Barbara Ann

  2. Your friend's designs are so cute, she certainly is talented!

    I answered your question on my blog, but I'll leave an answer here too...besides Hobby Lobby, you can find the rings at Joann's, Michaels and Hancock's Fabrics (all in the xstitch area). If you still can't find them, let me know :)

  3. I totally love that biscornu and the Welcome spring too : )

  4. I love your friends designs. Great talent. laurel/ohio

  5. Lovely designs - I have some of her charts, they're so bright and cheerful.
    You can get those rings at Staples, I picked up a few there myself.
    Good luck,