Friday, March 7, 2008

The 'White Death' Cometh

Maybe I have been watching too much of "The Tudors" and it is altering my speech! Here it comes, the largest predicted snowfall of the season. So far as I can see the predictions are actually correct this time. It started at about 7:45am and already we have three inches on the ground by 11am. The schools are letting out early and I wonder if we will have gymnastics team practice tonight. It is the big District competition for the Levels 6 through 9 girls tomorrow, so it doesn't effect me directly. As usual my boss will wait until the last possible moment to decide on this.....most likely after I have gone out and cleared off the car and the driveway; possibly even after I have started on my way. I live the farthest from the gym and on days like today I leave extra early to allow myself enough time to navigate the winding and hilly back roads of my rural town. I have heard from my neighbor who is the City Manager of Lebanon, the town where I work, and she says the City government buildings are closing down at lunchtime, which is right now.
So I sit and watch the snow pile up with my usual childish delight. Though the delight and glee are a bit dampened by the fact the my big surprise party will probably be a total failure. The guest of honor has already called to ask if the birthday dinner is still on for tomorrow. He has no idea that I am planning a much larger party and I nearly had to give up the secret in order to convince him to still come. He said he was leaving work at that moment (10am). He works on a road construction crew and work had been called off for the rest of the weekend. I suppose he is now trying to make the over 80 mile journey north from Kentucky to Clarksville with his two Jack Russell terriers. There is another large glitch in the works as all of the food was brought over to Joe's boss's house this morning when I took Joe to work. Here is the scenic view out the car window when we arrived there at 9am. I have already called over there to ask Joe to bring home one of the cakes and one of the pans of lasagna in case we have to seriously scale down the party to just me, Joe, Mark and our neighbors Roy and Sharee. The cake assembly went along pretty well last night. I am rather organized with all of this, except that the lovely snow has now turned it all upside-down. Oh well, there could be worse things then being stuck at home with nothing to do but stitch all day. In regards to my "I Want Must Have Them"post about the new Prairie Schooler designs, my prayers were answered by my wonderful friend Nicole in Belgium! Thank you so much Nicole for your kindness and generousity. Of course my wish list still includes a few more items and I was wondering if anyone has these little freebie cards by PS that they are willing to share with me?
Again I close with two contented cats. This is Mocha. I don't think I have shown her photo before. She is the very shy cat who lives in our barn and on our porch. She is friendly to me and lets me pet her and pick her up, but she runs away from anyone else. Here she is crunching away on her food in the barn. I sat out there with her for about an hour this morning, enjoying the snow from the relative warmth of the barn. Lastly, here is Sammy resting on the little whicker table in our living room.
Hopefully more snow updates and photos later today...............


  1. I never thought of snow as "white death", but it sounds like it may be the death of your surprise party. I sure hope not as you've worked so hard to make it special.

    I plan to spend this snowy weekend in western New York inside, stitching. That is, if I can get out of shoveling and taking the dog out.

    Let's hope this is winter's last gasp!!

  2. Please do let us know what happened with the party; your weather sounds beautiful and awful at the same time.
    What a lovely friend to send you the great new PS designs (sorry - I don't have those freebie cards or they'd be yours).
    Mocha's fur looks like that of my daughter's cat, Teagan, and your Sammy looks like a sweetie - is he?
    Thanks for the "pin-up"; "The Tudors" is now at the very top of my Netflix list. (At the moment, I'm still in a Jane Austen phase.)