Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Must Have Them!!!

The new Prairie Schooler designs are out and they are just lovely.
"Old MacDonald"
"Weather Wise"
"Farmers' Almanac"
I really must have them all! I like them so much better then the others that have come out in the past few years. Those seemed a bit "stiff" somehow. It is hard to explain, but the past series were not as nice as these are. I can't decide which one I like best, but "Weather Wise" reminds me of Maine, doesn't it Barbara?"

Hopefully I will have the finish of "Blackbird Sampler"later today and then move on to my next UFO on the pile. I am also in the midst of making 120 Italian meatballs in preparation for next Saturdays' party. I really want to start some Spring projects and I also must come up with a 10th Birthday Present for my niece, Julia. Her birthday is 6 March and I still have to mail it to New Jersey. I'm afraid to say it but I think she will get money this year. Her tastes are so "pre-teen" that I hardly know what to get her. I haven't gotten a comment back on the fashion doll I sent her for Christmas. I was planning on sending her new clothes for that doll but that may be "old news" by now in the life of a 10 year-old. I am sure something Hannah Montana would do, but I live under a rock and know nothing about this person. My little gymnasts just laugh at me because I am so ignorant of the current trends.

The kitchen floor is also calling my name and it is screaming "I am filthy, please clean me!"


  1. Let that darn floor go right on screaming! It'll lose its voice eventually. ;)

    And you nailed it, Weather Wise is the one that really speaks to me. They are all wonderful, but I just love that one!

  2. Hope you are ignoring the kitchen floor - surely it can wait until your party cooking marathon is over ?!!? BTW, the surprise party and menu sound great.
    Love the new PS, too. Enjoyed the photos of your gymnastic team et al and of your wonderful house in the snow. That's a great one of Coal & Sammy (I can never get a good one of my black cat - she always looks like a cast-off wig in photos.) That Martha Stewart tree is a knock-out but, from past experience here, I know my cats view such things as their very own buffet of cat toys.