Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I guess I am really getting old. While trying to relieve some of my "stash-buying withdrawal" I was looking through all the folders, notebooks and plastics sleeves I have filled with charts friends have sent to me. In the back of a very old brown folder I found this beauty. I am pretty sure it is from Jean, who I met through Cyberstitchers. She is very fond of owls. The only thing is, there is only this lovely photo and no chart. Have I lost the chart? Sent it on to someone else? Was it just a photo sent to me as inspiration? I do not know. Jean if you are out there ( I'll send you an embarrassing e-mail to confirm my stupidity also) can you explain this one. It really is a beautiful design. Any one of the animals individually would make a nice ornament.

Just hooked on the computer today for some reason. Maybe it is because I know my days are numbered as to how much "me time" I have left this week. Oh well, the marathon weekend looming ahead will make up for past Friday's snow day and next Friday's Easter holiday days off from work. Somehow it will even out and I may even come out ahead financially on this one.

Here is my latest Easter wishful thinking idea. This cake looks great, and not too difficult to make. I am the choco-holic in this house, so Joe would appreciate something of an alternative flavor. I watched a very interesting show on The Food Network last night about making corn beef. I wanted to try it for St. Patrick's Day, but the first step was "prepare brine and spice solution and soak brisket for 10 days". Oh well, another year shot on that one. It's all moving too quickly....everything except this pitiful dial-up connection.

Maybe I'll be back to post again tonight..................


  1. I have made that cake several times. My significant other found the recipe and asked me to make it and it is wonderful. It is such a light dessert that you want more. Real easy and looks like you worked real hard to make it.

  2. I just spent som e very enjoyable time catching up with all that you've been up to. Up to your ears in SNOW! Goodness. No wonder you could start and finish that gorgeous Rabbit chart! I love it.
    The owl in this picture is indeed stunning. I hope you find the chart for it!

  3. Corned beef is not hard at all, and the stuff you can buy in the grocery store is good. (I'd recommend a flat cut as opposed to a point cut). Boil the living day lights out of it until it's fork tender. I usually do a first boil with the spice packet for a few hours, then empty the pot and rinse, and boil in clean, hot water for another few hours. Then I take the beef out and drop in a quartered cabbage and some onions. Meanwhile, I've boiled up some large chunks of red skin potatoes, and I trim some of the fat off the meat and glaze it with a mix of brown sugar and spicy mustard. Broil it for a few minutes to heat the glaze and slice against the grain. YUM!!!

  4. That cake looks super!!! I am not a big choco fan and really like angel cake!! HM Hunny is also about 16 or so and just as demanding at dinner time as at any other time. Like you, I make her dinner special as she finds it difficult to gum anything hard so I make a mix of Gerbers Baby food and a Gourmet puppy dinner, I sort Smash it all up really smooth. She especially likes the ham or chicken baby food. I do get the oddest looks a the grocery store buying only the meat baby foods.

    Have a great weekend!!