Monday, March 10, 2008

Hey, how about those photos ( part 2)?

Yeah!!! Here they are FINALLY. I guess Google fixed itself. After several days and many, many tries I can finally post my photos. It seems rather pointless now to post photos of the snow. In the last two days it has warmed up dramatically and most of the snow is already gone. March is such a weird weather month.

Here is the guest of honor, Mark with his cake and gifts. We got him a barbecue set for grilling fish or veggies ( the odd looking frying pan with the holes in it). Overall a rather pleasant weekend although I didn't see much of Joe. He and Mark spent most of their time together visiting other friends ( within walking distance), so it was more of a "Boys Weekend".
It was a stitchy weekend for me though. Here is Prairie Schoolers "R is for Rabbit". I started and finished this one in three snowy days. I loved working on it. I could feel the gardening "growing" as I stitched it. The rabbit himself is just amazing. One of PSs most beautifully detailed animals I have ever seen. The whole design reminded me of the movie "Cold Mountain".....the grand old house up on the hill overlooking the garden. I love historical costume dramas and I waited for years for this one to come around to TV. I was a bit shocked though as I was similarly when I first saw "The Piano". I expected the beautiful costumes and scenery and a nice old-fashioned romance story. Well I got both of these in both these movies, but I was so surprised at the violence. Of course it went along with the story and added to the theme of these movies, but I really wasn't expecting it at all.Another long weekend looms ahead. The Level 6-9 District Championship competition was canceled last weekend. The Level 4 and 5s are on Saturday. This is the competition I am taking over for Jill as it is her daughter's Sweet Sixteen party (even though she has known about the competition schedule since August). The 6-9 meet has been rescheduled for Sunday. Becca. the Level 6 coach had already bought her plane ticket to Jamaica for spring break assuming her competitions were over for the season on the 8th. So I am also coaching the 6s at the competition on the 16th. I really do love working with this group, but that's a lot of traveling and time away from home this weekend. But it does mean a bit more money to spend on Easter stuff.
Everything is speeding up. This "spring forward" with the clocks makes me feel like I have lost much more then one hour last Sunday. I feel like the whole calender is closing in on me. I had the best of intentions to be well done with a lot more UFOs and on to some Easter gifts to mail to friends. I don't think it is happening this year. I am still keeping to the New Year's resolution and have not bought a single craft/needlework item. Thanks to wonderful friends I don't feel at all deprived.


  1. That is some super snow!!!!! Living here in SF we have to drive to Lake Tahoe for any snow at all. Your rabbit finish is great!!!

  2. Love the snow pics, Jennifer! And the stitching!! That's a great PS pattern!

  3. Aaaw, that poor cat, it'almost completely gone... LOL
    Your Rabbit is stunning!!