Thursday, March 20, 2008

Positively Drooling

Thanks to several kind bloggers I have found a replacement thread for Needle Necessities. In fact, I think it is the same thread going under the new company name of Threadworx. Thanks Barbara and Ginny for your help. I am positively drooling over the color chart at Needle In A Haystack (search the thread area for Threadworx). I have just now printed the whole thing out, using several gallons of expensive color ink, so I can take it into the living room and drool some more. This has satisfied my need to acquire new stash items. Even though I am not actually buying, I know they are out there and I don't need to rush around and find NNs before they completely disappear from the face of the Earth. Maybe I can hold out until July......maybe not.
Here is the latest finish, "Heart and Hand". I really love the results, although it is not quite a "traditional" Quaker in regards to color choice. I have started on another Quaker design. Actually it is one of the small themes within the large design "Quaker a 6 Mains" (excuse my horrible French) . It is a freebie from "A mon Ami Pierre". I am making the peacock theme as an ornament using Needle Necessities #151 Yuletide. I am suddenly no longer afraid to use up my stash of NNs! There are only a few stitches in on this project, so I won't post a photo yet.

Today I got some beautiful flowers from one of my junior team girls, Katelyn. Aren't they lovely? As soon as they are done blooming inside the bulbs will go out to the flower bed to be part of next year's Spring display.

Mandatory pet photo of the day. Twinsy, coming up our walk for his daily visit to the porch for some food. I know his family feeds him, but he seems to prefer our house.


  1. Lovely finish, and beautiful flowers!

  2. Hooray! It must be a relief to know you won't have to go without your fave colours. It's a wonderful sampler, Jennifer!