Thursday, March 27, 2008

Up To Date

I feel like I have really accomplished quite a bit in the few hours I have at home this morning before going to the gym. I have read my usual 8-10 blogs and tried to make a comment on each. As Barbara has said "this is the only way we can 'talk' to each other" (I hope I have quoted you somewhat accurately, Barbara). This is so true. I have met so many wonderful, talented, friendly and generous people through blogging. Yes it is a bit time consuming, but any friendship worthwhile takes a bit of time. I have gotten so many nice comments on my felt needle book. One would think I invented the idea. The poor old heart-shaped one I have from my mom has been hanging around for ages. I just thought this idea was rather old-fashioned, but it seems I have started a bit of a trend. I will honor it with a photo. As you can see it is well-used; the ribbon is tattered and it has collected more then it's share of cat fur.

I am currently working on Carriage House Samplings "Village of Hawk Run Hollow". I am certainly not bold enough to take on the entire village, so I am making only block #12, "Olde Burial Ground". It will be for a 'tombie' friend of mine who collects everything vintage Halloween. I bypassed all that stitching of the black background. Since I was only making the one square I chose a piece of 28 count linen that I had dyed gray with black splotches. I think it looks like a good 'ole creepy sky.

If Edgar is out there......I got the Hands to Work "Heart and Hand" freebie from a friend in Belgium. She mailed me the printed out pattern. I can certainly do the same for you if you would like the pattern. I miss a lot of the really good freebies because of my slow Internet connection. I just don't have enough hours in the day to sit and download all the great stuff that's out there. Generous friends have really helped me out. Dear Nicole also sent me the Mon Ami Pierre freebie that I have been obsessed with lately.

Another rainy day and 6 hours at the gym loom ahead. Well, at least that is 6 hours away from the refrigerator.


  1. Ah, another felt needlebook! Thanks for showing us the 'original'. It looks well-used and well-loved!
    I simply adore your Village Block #12, and the fabric is just perfect. Very clever of you to find a way to not stitch the black background. If I ever do get to Block 12, that will be the biggest challenge of the entire Villag!

  2. Yep, you paraphrased me just fine. :)

    Hey, I love that felt needlebook! And your fabric for the cemetary scene is perfect.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog! It's such a great way to find more blogs and 'meet' great stitchers!

    Darling needlebook :) And love your VoHRH block, that fabric is fabulous!!!

  4. Like your idea for stitching Block 12 of the Village. Nice fabric choice. I am doing the entire piece and that 12th block with all the black background will be a doozy.

    If there is ever a freebe you want, let me know and I will print and mail to you. I used to have dial-up and I know what it is like. DSL is much better.

  5. Do like the fabric you dyed for the 12th block of VOHRH. What a great idea. Will make for a nice vintage piece.