Friday, March 28, 2008

Of Household Things

Not a lot of stitching going on in the past day or two. I did a bit on the "Olde Burial Ground", but not enough to merit a new photo yet. So I will show you a bit of the household stuff. Speaking of houses, that big white house at the beginning of a previous post is indeed our house. I know, it looks like something pulled from Hawk Run Hollow and is in desperate need of a paint job. I could use it as a model for a sampler house.............indeed there is enough cat fur in here to spin my own floss!
Raining again, so only a few brief hours outdoors yesterday. The cats are just itching to be out there, eating grass and then "returning" it to me on the living room carpet. The little carpet is only about 2 foot by 4 foot, but they can hit the mark every time. Luckily Bud the dog keeps his mess outside. He has a fine dog house that Joe built for him, but look at this beauty we acquired over the weekend. It comes from Joe's parents' new house. Infact, it matches their house exactly, right done to the yellow vinyl siding and the white trim. They don't have a dog so they let us take it here for Bud. So far we have only managed to wrestle it as far as the top of the weighs a ton!

The Spring flowers are trying to make an appearance through the piles of wet leaves. My tulips and irises are well on their way and should be blooming over the next few weeks. I was pleased to see that my red 'hens and chickens' came back too. I don't know the official name for this plant but it has been a favorite of mine since childhood. Another pleasant surprise was my French Tarragon. I had put the ceramic container on to our porch during the first freeze in an attempt to prevent the ceramic planter from cracking. I had no idea that the entire plant would survive the Winter out there and now begin to sprout again. This is one of my favorite herbs (cooked with chicken it is wonderful) and I was sure I would have to invest in another expensive plant this Spring.

I must detach myself from this machine and attach myself to the sewing machine for a few hours. No cross-stitching today. There is the prospect of some doll clothes sales this evening at the gym so I need to "update the inventory". Any extra money coming in right now is truly a blessing, so I better get to work.

A happy Spring day to all!


  1. Yes, I would love a copy of that chart, just let me know where to send my address - my email is - edgarmatt at g mail dot com.

    I was ROTFL at "Steve Ercle" for T&T - that is part of the word perched - the "H" is kinda wacked -

    I love your home - I worked for a while in a early NC Plantation as the Dir of Educ and really love older homes.

    Have a great weekend!!


  2. One of our kitties has spring fever, too, but when we tried to put her on the front porch on a nice day a couple weeks ago (she goes out on a leash), she wanted to come inside after about five minutes! Go figure.

    Love seeing your greenery coming up; a few tulips have started to poke their heads through the ground, and my husband saw some crocuses. There are also some snow drops. Spring is indeed on the way! (Not that you'd know it, since we got 4" of snow on Thursday night.)

  3. Always good to see signs of Spring - love the dog house!